COVID-19: The Way Forward

Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do” – (Robert Schuller)

The past few months, countries and economies have been swept over by the COVID-19 virus. Whole countries on lockdown, curfew times, isolation, it is all there. Everyone looking at the news, business owners stranded waiting for the measures to ease so they can get back to work, so they can see their customers, so they can open the doors. Each one of us, for our own reasons, looking at the news asking “When are we going to get back to normal?

This is mistake #1. For anybody who is in this situation, business owners, shop owners, or service providers, who are waiting for “things to get back to normal”, denial and waiting is not the way to move forward. This is the “New Normal” and it is time, starting from today if you haven’t already, to evolve and adapt. It is time to seek out new ideas on how you can bring your business to the customers while conforming with this new reality.

On the bright side, as per the reports and the scientific data, predictions say that the situation will de-escalate hopefully in the coming months (or maybe year), and then you need to start running. I don’t mean you need to run after customers or business that you lost, but rather run for catching up to changing times.

As business owners, coming out of this you should elevate your platforms to be fully mobile and online, as well as to make it easy for your staff to “work from home”. Check for training programs with professionals who can help you with your website, your e-shop, and who are able to train your staff at closing deals online. Send your staff to specialised training programs to give them autonomy in working for your organisation from anywhere and at anytime, and seek to hire either full time or freelancers specialised in SEO, PPC, and online ADS.

Don’t forget, that it wasn’t that long ago that a different crisis had happened. And not long before that, another one. So the one given in this equation, is that as soon as this crisis over, the countdown for the next one will begin. What steps will you take in the meantime, to fortify your business for what’s coming next?

The Team of The Marketing Sales Blog would like to wish you all to stay strong during these times, and above all be safe.


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