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Welcome to The Marketing Sales Blog.

Being a part of The Marketing Sales Blog community means that you are enthusiastic and passionate about Sales and Marketing, and are also keen to learn more and dig deeper into the challenges, problems and solutions in these highly competitive fields.

The main objective here, is to be able to help you in obtaining free valuable information based on real life experiences in the fields of marketing and sales. I will be sharing with you the top secrets to get ahead in these fields, and some of the most important advise I have ever received. I hope that everything I share here is of some form of help to young marketers, salespeople, or business people who are looking for a way of tackling roadblocks and different challenges in their careers.

Most of the topics discussed in this blog, are topics that I had struggled with in the past as a young sales man and had to work through in order to transition to a sales professional. With changing times, come new challenges therefore most of the topics discussed here might challenge some traditional sales/marketing techniques, all based on my experiences throughout my career as a Marketing and Sales professional.

This blog will be my collection of stories, tips and insights on how to win at sales, marketing, and self development. I welcome discussion, therefore all feedback and comments are welcomed !

If you have found a topic that adheres to a certain problem or challenge you currently experience or have experienced, feel free to send me your comments.