Sales People: 5 Types

Any organisation today needs a well trained team of sales professionals in order to be able to convert leads to actual sales. Leads don’produce revenue, closing deals does hence why companies struggle with hiring professional sales people to get the job done and increase the conversion rate. But having a good team of sales people, means that you have a team of individuals with different characteristics, traits, approach and closing tactics. Through my years as a sales professional and a customer, I have identified the 5 types of sales people that one can encounter withing a sales team … (read more) … More Sales People: 5 Types

Liars: Customers Vs Sales People

This is a discussion that has been taking place for years and years. Who is the biggest liar? Is it the customer or the sales people? I have recently conducted a brief poll on our Facebook page ( ) asking this very question. Despite the sample being relatively small, the results reflect what the studies and the experts have found as well. The result was pretty close and as… (read more) … More Liars: Customers Vs Sales People