Sales Talk: “Your Price is Too High”

We are all wired a certain way, so are customers. Customers are wired to ask for a discount, or to contest/challenge your pricing in an effort to bring it down. We have all been there, and it’s no secret that when customers ask for discounts, the vibes in the air change, the tone of the discussion shifts, and it’s time now to put on our boxing gloves. We will see both how to handle this objection/statement when it shows up, and how we could prevent it from showing up. … More Sales Talk: “Your Price is Too High”



We are visual creatures. That means that our mind will immediately try to convert information into images, for our better understanding, and that is done so subconsciously. When we hear of something that happens, we immediately try to visualize it, the way we perceive it, and this is an automated process, one of which we have no control over as it happens in the subconscious part of our brains. (Kahneman D, 2011) … More SELLING FEAR: COVID19