From a young age, we learn that we need to do our homework. Whether that is the night before, or two days before, the important thing is not to show up in class without having done your homework. It is vital for young kids to learn early the importance of homework, as it is one of the most fundamental principles that later on manifests in their real life as adults.

Having embedded to your children the importance of doing their homework, you have subsequently embedded the importance of preparation and readiness, research and discovery. The more effective and independent they get at doing their homework from a young age, the more prepared they will be when entering real life situations as adults.

In the adult world of business, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, doing your homework is of vital importance. Before any interaction, whether that would be a job interview, or with a potential client, your main priority and focus should be to find us much details as possible and equip yourself with these early on! Remember, don’t show up to class unprepared because unfortunately there are no 3 strike rules in business.

But why should we bother with spending time in digging up information about them? Simply because the more information (insight) you have, the more likely it is you will be able to close the gaps and distance in your conversation. By closing the gaps you are not only closer to them, but closer to the desired outcome you want. By sharing with them your insights and discovery about them, you show that you can relate, understand and appreciate the concerns and challenges that they could be facing.

For instance, you are preparing for a job interview with an organisation. Here is the 5 simple steps you could take to research them:

  1. Check out their social media platforms
  2. Visit their website
  3. Search them online (check for mentions or tags)
  4. Check linkedIn to see if you have any connections and contact them
  5. Read up on the industry (challenges, trends, competitors)

Don’t fall into the trap of throwing everything you know at them as if you are citing a poem at a school play. You need to be cautious, and to engage in a conversation through which you will slowly unpack all the information you have gathered. By slowly showing more and more knowledge, and that you have done your homework, they will begin to see glimpses of “the expert” in you, which is vital in building trust that eventually guides all decision making process.

Thank you for taking the time to read through. Hope you have found this topic helpful and useful. All comments and feedback is welcomed, so leave yours below.


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